Kingdom of Calontir

So You Want to Serve the Kingdom?


So You Want to Serve the Kingdom?

If you are a new member, want to meet new people, want to serve the Kingdom, or just want to try something new in Calontir, the following page is made completely for you.

A survey was sent out through social media to the populace of Calontir, and the populace responded. This page is intended to guide only and in no way should be referred to as gospel on how to participate in service in Calontir.


You would like to get started serving the Kingdom of Calontir, but you don’t know where to start. What would the experienced members tell you to do?

  • Waterbear (Serve water to fighters, archers, etc. during an event.)
  • Serve feast.
  • Do a shift for troll/gate. (It is a great way to meet new people.)
  • Dishwashing and clean-up are always necessary after an event.
  • Just ask if you can help if you see someone doing “behind-the-scenes” work.

Here is a helpful list of things anyone can do to help out at an event.

  • Troll/Gate
  • Serving feast
  • Setup
  • Cleanup
  • Grunt work (heavy lifting, cleaning the gross things.)
  • Run a list for fighting, archery, etc.
  • Waterbearing
  • Run errands for the autocrat
  • Set up the thrones for court
  • Hang flyers or signs
  • Marshaling
  • Washing dishes


You have been doing small amounts of service, here and there, at the events they attend. You confide in an experienced member that you’d love to do more. What advice would an experienced member give you to get involved in bigger projects or positions within the Kingdom?

  • Volunteer to be a deputy to an officer, baronial or Kingdom.
  • Take on a local office, by yourself.
  • Figure out what you enjoy doing, service-wise and expand on it. IE: If you like being in charge, autocrat an event; if you like cooking, run or co-run a feast,etc.
  • Volunteer to help the Crown with a special project (retinue wrangler, etc.)
  • Look for larger projects on Facebook, the Calon List, or the Mews. Volunteer to help.
  • Offer to be in charge of the Soup Kitchen or Calontir Party at foreign wars.
  • Offer to be in charge of waterbearing for an event.
  • Offer to be in charge of Troll/Gate at an event.
  • Join an Arts and Sciences group locally that makes items for largess.
  • Become a Marshal for fighting.
  • Go early or stay late at an event for setup/cleanup.
  • Find a problem, and figure out a plan to solve it. Put that plan into action.
  • Help with running lists at fighting events.
  • Become a scheduler for A&S competitions.
  • Help with youth activities, setup, cleanup, or just helping the youth participate.
  • Ask questions and continue to offer your skills and abilities at every opportunity.


We asked several experienced Calontir members: How did you get started in service?

  • I watched and followed then got brave and offered. It was amazing to have every level of our society help me help others.
  • I was in a smaller group and became an officer, mostly because I was involved and willing to volunteer.
  • Water bearing, gate, kitchen and serving help.
  • Served feast at my second event.
  • Volunteered as a deputy for a Baronial officer.
  • Since we’re keeping it to the SCA, I stocked toilet paper, and cleaned porta-johns. That was my first bit of service in the SCA. It was the week before the event, and nobody else wanted to do it so I volunteered.
  • I served during feasts because I could afford to eat at them.
  • Mostly just asking those in charge: What needs done? As a new member, I had no idea, but figured if I show up and say, “Strong back, weak mind, put me to work” From there I ended up autocratting several events. A lot of it is seeing or asking ‘What needs done?’ Serving at feasts, helping with setup/teardown/dishes.
  • I became the herald for my local group.
  • I started helping a friend with her kingdom level job.
  • I belong to a very service oriented group so it just seemed natural from the example of others that it was what to do, also I noticed that helping out was a great way to get to know others and they all looked like they were having such fun while working! It made me feel more a part of the group.
  • I started picking up after people. I helped my neighbors at events – setting up, carrying, loading, whatever was needed… It kind of grew without my noticing.


We asked several experienced Calontir members: What has been the most rewarding part of serving the Kingdom, for you?

  • Helping create fun for others.
  • As a local herald, I loved seeing people get their names and devices passed. I love seeing people get recognition for something I had encouraged them to do.
  • Seeing the smiles and excitement of new people.
  • Having my help lead to a better, more functional Kingdom.
  • Meeting new people and setting a good tone for the event at troll.
  • I like how seamless all the things happening at en event seem when you are not involved in all the myriad jobs required to pull off the day. I like helping and knowing that contributing to the tasks that day allows that illusion to be created for many there.
  • To me, serving the Kingdom makes it MY Kingdom. It is the same as taking care of my family, coworkers, close friends, etc. I feel I belong. I have a lot of fun. I have a much greater circle of friends due to the various types of service I have done.
  • Watching the joy on faces when people are enjoying something I’ve helped bring about, and knowing people consider me to be a dependable resource.
  • Building the relationships with people. In serving and doing the things that are needed, you accidentally end up meeting people and building very good long term friendships that transcend the SCA.
  • Knowing that I am helping to make something I love possible for people who have just discovered it, as well as for those who have been a part of it for years.
  • Knowing that I am brightening someone’s day by helping them with any task that is needed.
  • Seeing the magic happen at events. Watching people laughing and having a good time because they didn’t have to worry about anything, just come and enjoy.