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Traditional & Reserved Events

Traditional / Reserved Events

Updated June, 2019

See Exceptions and Special Notes 

 RESERVED DATE SCHEDULE – As of 2/4/2019  
January1st (after Jan 1st)Twelfth Night Lonely Tower 
2nd – weekend after Lonely Tower’s Twelfth NightWinter Coronation 
February1stClothier’s Seminar      Cum An Iolar 
3rdWinter War ManeuversMag Mor
4thChieftainsThree Rivers 
March2nd Gulf WarsGleann Abhann 
April2ndSpring Crown Tournament 
 3rdKingdom Arts & Sciences 
 Last(Melon Wars)(Flint Hill)
 LastCooking Symposiumevery other year (2013. 2015)
May1st War CollegeAmlethsmore 
2nd St George & The DragonOakheart 
3rd Melees & MayhemCrescent Moon 
June2nd & 3rd Lilies War(starts second FULL weekend)
July2nd Summer Coronation  
LastFeast of EaglesCum an Iolar
August1st & 2nd(??)PennsicAethelmarc
3rdHeraldshill Annual EventHeraldshill
4th Cattle RaidsMag Mor
September                                                       (only 4 weekends some years)Labor Day Weekend ValorVatavia 
Weekend after Labor DayKing’s Companie of Archers   
Weekend after KCoAQueen’s Prize Tournament 
October1st Autumn ArrowsCalanais Nuadh
 2nd Fall Crown Tournament 
November3rdToys for TotsWyvern Cliffe
December2ndKris KinderForgotten Sea

Exceptions, Special Notes, New Reserved Dates and Kingdom Events:

Kingdom Events are proscribed by Kingdom Law, they have precedence over any other event, the dates indicated are simply the ones currently being used most frequently.

  • September runs differently as it is all keyed off of the Labor Day weekend.
  • Feast of Eagles is not reserved, but has been run on the date indicated for many years. So far, it have yet to run into conflicts.
  • Reserved status must be requested – an event does not go onto this list until that happens.
  • If a group does not hold an event on their “reserved” weekend for 2 years in a row, that group forfeits their reserved date.

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