Kingdom of Calontir

Transfer Authorization Procedure

Transfer Authorization Procedure

Transferring Authorizations from another Kingdom:

Once a person has taken up residence in Calontir and wishes to participate in fighting as a Calontir fighter, the person will need to acquire a valid Calontir fighters Authorization card.

All fighters are expected to make every effort to familiarize themselves with Calontir weapon/armor requirements and fighting conventions. This puts the burden of compliance on the fighters shoulders.

Members of the Order of Chivalry, with a valid fighters authorization card from another kingdom, are automatically granted all Calontir weapon authorizations but will still need to contact the Earl Marshal for a Calontir Fighter’s Authorization Card. Members of the Order of Chivalry, without a valid fighters authorization card from another kingdom, will need to go through the “transfer authorization” process.

All other Fighters with a valid fighters authorization card from another kingdom, will be given a basic “transfer authorization” to be sure they meet Calontir standards. The fighter should be observed fighting with each of the weapons they are authorized in and wish to transfer.

At the Marshal in Charge’s discretion, this can be done either a by watching the fighter fight one-on-one with an opponent in each weapons style, or it can be a provisional authorization for the day where the MIC can observe the fighter in question as they fight during the day.

Note: The intent here is not to make a fighter completely reauthorize in every weapon style but merely to observe a short demonstration of their fighting to be sure they are safe and that their blow calibration meets current kingdom standards.

The MIC will grant or decline these authorizations as they see fit including only granting some weapon authorizations or nor granting the authorization at all. A fighter who fails the transfer authorization process or who does not posses a valid fighters authorization card from another kingdom, must go through the standard authorization process from scratch.

Once any authorizations are granted, the MIC will issue a 30 Day Temporary Authorization card and complete the standard authorization form, making note of the transfer authorization status, and any authorizations granted. The form will then be given back to the fighter. The fighter should be sure to keep a copy for their records and also give a copy to their local group’s Knights Marshal. The fighter must send a copy of the form to the Deputy for Cards:

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Gustav Jameson
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A new Calontir authorization card will be issued and sent to the fighter.