Warranted Marshals Need Agreements to Serve On File

Greetings to all Warranted Marshals (Armored, Steel, Youth, Archery and Equestrian) SPECIFICALLY Group Knight’s Marshals.

In preparation for signing a new Warranted Marshal’s list, we need to make sure that we all have the correct forms on file with the correct ID requirements.

Please go here and fill out the online Agreement to Serve at your earliest convenience: https://marshalagreement.paperform.co

(If you are a Warranted Marshal for more than one Division, just sign the form once)

If your state or province prohibits copying the needed ID documents, then have someone else witness the information and sign that they are witnessing the ID. Your local copy shops should know the rules regarding copying IDs in that state.

Even if you have recently sent in your agreement to serve via another means OR you had an old on already on file, we need you to Resubmit using the new online form.

I apologize for the lateness in this request, but we need to be in compliance before we can get the Warrant List signed.

Thank you,