Kingdom of Calontir

Webminister Announcement

Greetings Calontir!

It is my great honor to announce that my time as Kingdom Webminister is winding to a close. As such, a replacement has been chosen!

Master Gawin Kappler has been offered and has accepted the role of emergency webminister for the next several months as he learns the ropes and can step up as my successor for Kingdom Webminister.

Master Gawin has extensive background mundanely in computers and technical systems. Within the SCA, he has been a local webminister for several years, whose reports are always on time, if I may point out.

I have full confidence in Master Gawin as we move forward in the age of technology. Please help me congratulate him on his new position!

My warrant ends in October, more information on the changeover will come available shortly. Master Gawin’s new e-mail address is

In service to Crown and Kingdom,

Honorable Lady Allison of Forgotten Sea

Kingdom of Calontir Webminister