Yahoo Groups Are Closing Down

Hello owners and members of the Yahoo Groups for the Kingdom of Calontir! 

I am coming forth to ask you to please shut down your Calontir Yahoo Groups. We have moved most, if not all, of the groups to Google Groups* or Facebook Groups*. Please see the list below:

Google Groups –!forum/list-chatelaines – Calontir Chatelaines!forum/list-chroniclers – Calontir Chroniclers!forum/list-exchequers – Calontir Exchequers!forum/list-artsci – Calontir Arts and Sciences Ministers!forum/list-webministers – Calontir Webministers!forum/calontirseneschals – Calontir Seneschals!forum/calontir-iren-fyrd – Calontir Iren-Fyrd!forum/calontir-rush – Calontir RUSH

Facebook – 

Kingdom of Calontir FB Group –

Kingdom of Calontir Arts and Sciences FB Group –

…and many many more. You can find more information here –

If you need to access to any of these new groups, please let me know. I am just petitioning to have the Yahoo groups removed as all of Yahoo Groups are going away December 14th, completely. 

As per the announcement at, yahoo groups are being shut down.  As of today you can no longer upload content, and as of December 14th all previously posted content will be removed.


HL Allison of Forgotten Sea

Kingdom of Calontir Webminister