Cross of Calatrava

A message from Their Majesties

As Calontir moves into the colder months, we would usually be looking ahead to meetings and fighter practices in our indoor sites. Unfortunately, We see no significant downturn in the numbers of illnesses, and more evidence of how the virus can be spread inside through both closer proximity and heating and cooling systems. In light of all the current information, and in consultation with the local leadership and officers, We will not be able to allow the transition to gathering indoors for SCA meetings. We know missing this contact in a season that many of us find difficult is disappointing, but the health and safety of the populace must be Our priority. We encourage everyone to stay connected through digital meetings, keep hitting that pell and working on your physical fitness at home, and attend and teach online classes to keep furthering our learning. Together we’ll help each other through this, just like we always do, and come out the other side stronger.