Cross of Calatrava

Calontir Social Media Office

A Message from the KSMO

Greetings Calontir!

I, Faustus Cantilius Lupus, (Known in the non-SCA world as John Singer) have stepped into the role of Kingdom Social Media Officer.

As we all can see, the social media in its every changing forms are now permanent and much used methods of communication to and among the populace of the Known World, and for many even the preferred method of contact. My task, in its basic function, is to maintain the courtesy and compliance with our relatively few Social Media Policy rules.

In Calontir, I am charged mainly with ensuring Facebook Events are set up through official channels. I am an admin of both the Calontir Page and the Calontir Group. I will NOT be an admin of each local group’s Page or Group (unless there is no local SMO), but I am charged with directing improvements and changes to those as needed and requested, in concert with local Social Media Officers or similar functionaries.

Websites, the Calendar, and the Mews are NOT within my purview. Neither are unofficial, closed groups for the various facets of, SCA, or Calontiri life, such as Heralds of Calontir, or the Calontir Cooks Guild. If you are curious to know whether a group falls under the purview of the Social Media Policy, please consult this chart.

I will post social media content from Society Level to the Kingdom Pages as directed by the Society Social Media Officer. Via that channel I will also learn of potential incorrect content that may appear, for which I will advise SMOs and admins to be on the lookout. Monger war, not rumors, please, and when in doubt, double check before distributing potentially contentious information.

The guiding tenet to be enforced is the “Society Social Media Policy”. When you ask me a question I guarantee the first thing I will do is refer to the Society Social Media Policy, so if the answer is clearly set out there please do not expect a variance from me. If you just want to say “Hi!” then you can definitely think of a more creative pretense!

For your role in Calontir Social Media, please reference the “Social Media Officers and Admins Roles (and the Role of the Populace)” document linked from on this page. For information on who speaks electronically for the Kingdom and Local Groups, please see the “Social Media Voices Guide of Calontir.” If you are an event steward wishing to create a Facebook event, please see the “Facebook Event Creation Checklist”.

Over the past year (2020) we have seen Calontir and the Society’s approach to social media evolve rapidly both by choice and by necessity, especially with the growing need for a virtual presence. While Social Media is an excellent tool of collaboration and communication, these platforms can also very quickly become weapons of mass indiscretion. Please be aware there are Social Media Officers and admins available to assist the populace in robust and beneficial interaction, as well as correcting its misuse should the need arise. Social media is very much the public face of the Kingdom, and as such should be useful, engaging, and friendly.

Please remember Hanlon’s Razor: “Never attribute to malice, what can adequately be explained by ignorance.” Through the internet we tend to let our worst insecurities and expectations of others out as we read tone into the comments of others. Often times a private kind conversation can accomplish far more than a shouting match on your (or the Kingdom’s) doorstep. For many new members who have not yet had an opportunity to see the Dream in person, that our groups are their sole interactions, and so being on our best behavior helps us make far more friends.

Overall, I look forward to serving the populace and working to ensure our Kingdom is well-represented in the digital world. Please if you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out and I will answer as quickly as I reasonably may.

In service to the dream, Faustus Cantilius Lupus