Cross of Calatrava

Arts and Sciences

Gianna Viviani

Officer Resources


A Handbook for Officers of the Arts and Sciences in the Kingdom of Calontir (5th Edition – 2018 Update) (PDF)
Approved Rules for the Study and Education of Historical Combat Techniques within the SCA

Quarterly Report Forms

Arts & Sciences Report Form
Guild Report Form

Reporting Due Dates

1st Quarter: April 15th
2nd Quarter: July 15th
3rd Quarter: October 15th
4th Quarter: January 15th

The primary goal of the SCA is to educate. By recreating period objects and studying period methods, the arts and sciences community helps bring us closer to understanding daily life in Antiquity, the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences serves as the chief coordinator for our arts and sciences community and activities.

Virtual Arts & Sciences Classes

Calontir Virtual Classes Calendar &
Instructions for Adding a Class to the Calendar

Arts & Sciences Resources


A&S Judging Criteria
Guidelines for hosting QPT or Kingdom A&S

Kingdom Arts & Sciences

Guidelines for Entry to the Kingdom A&S Championship
Kingdom A&S Championship Winner Archive

Queen’s Prize Tournament

Guidelines for Entry to the Queen’s Prize Tournament
Queen’s Prize Winner Archive

Scribal Resources

Falcon Signet Job Description
Backlog Scroll Request Form – Request to have a backlogged scroll completed.

Links of Interest

Calontir Songbook – Compiled by Mistress Katriana op den Dijk.
Falcon Pattern – Make your own Calontir tabard. Pattern Copyright © Mistress Olga Belabashnina Cherapanova. This graphic may NOT be used outside the context of the SCA!

Arts & Science Deputies

Eastern Region

Southern Region
Jurgen Weiter von Landstuhl

Northern Region
Saito Takauji

Central Region
Maegwynn Attewode

Western Region
Genevieve de Chambery

Master Scheduler
Ysabel de la Oya

Martial Studies
Jurgen Weiter von Landstuhl

Criteria Project
Cecilia de Gatisbury

Falcon Signet
Helena Soranzo
Falcon Signet serves as the Kingdom Scribe, coordinating scribal efforts in Calontir.

Backlog Scroll Clerk
Helena Soranzo