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Heraldic Submissions

The Saker Herald

Dorcas Whitecap

Saker Herald oversees the heraldic submissions process for Calontir and is the External Submissions liaison with Laurel Sovereign of Arms and the Society’s College of Arms. The Saker office publishes External Letters of Intent, sees to it that Calontir submissions are paid for at the Society level, tracks submissions via OSCAR, and sends notifications regarding submission decisions.

The Eyas Herald

Dyrfinna Tonnudottir (She/Her)

Eyas Herald is the Internal Submissions liaison with the good gentles of Calontir and with group heralds. The Eyas office receives and processes heraldic submissions and fees, publishes Internal Letters of Intent, is responsible for Kingdom level submission decisions, and maintains kingdom archives of submitted and registered names, devices, and badges.

Registering Names and Heraldic Devices

Forms for Individuals

Name Submission Form
Version dated 31 December 2022

Device Submission Form
Versio dated 31 December 2022

Badge Submission Form
Version dated 31 December 2022

Device Doodle Sheet
Two-sided sheet: Set of 9 small shields/page to work up designs, plus info needed for forms

Forms for Groups

Branch Name Submission Form
Version dated 31 December 2022
Note: This is not for use for Households as they are not official Society Branches. To submit a Household Name, use the Individual Name Submission Form above.

Petition for the Registration of Group Name

Petition for Reg​istration of Group Device

Petition for Registration of Group Badge

Submissions Administration (For Heralds)

Saker Handbook

Society College of Arms Administrative Handbook

Standards for Evaluation of Names and Armory (SENA) – Current rules used by the College of Arms to register heraldry

Online System for Commentary and Response (OSCAR)

Online Ordinary and Armorial – Database of Names and Armory Registered by the Society College of Arms.

Guidelines for Electronically Colored Submissions Forms

Device Emblazon PNG – for use with the new Device Form (v4.0) with Fillable Device Image

Badge Emblazon PNG – for use with the new Badge Form (v4.0) with Fillable Badge Image

Registration Costs & Instructions

Registration fees are $8.00 per element. An element is defined as any Name Submission, Device Submission, or Badge Submission.

Please make checks payable to: SCA Inc., Kingdom of Calontir – Heralds

The local group herald’s office retains $2.00 per element of the submission fee to cover the cost of photocopies, postage, etc. The remainder ($6.00) will be forwarded with the submission to the Kingdom Submission Herald’s office (Eyas Herald).

Individuals may submit directly to Eyas Herald instead of through their local herald (using the address listed below). When they do so, each element’s registration fee remains $8.00. The Kingdom Office retains the $2.00 normally taken by the local office to cover processing costs.

Dyrfinna Tonnudottir (She/Her) – Eyas Herald (Internal Submissions)

Mailing Address:
mka Amy Harvey
3504 E 10th St
Kansas City, MO 64127