The Kingdom of Calontir is a regional group within the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), an international organization dedicated to recreating aspects of the Middle Ages. If you are unfamiliar with the SCA, we would suggest starting with the newcomers section.

The region that makes up Calontir covers most of Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri and a touch of Arkansas. If you are interested in contacting the SCA within this area, take a look at the Groups and Branches list or the Calontir Map. Join us as we learn about history by making it come alive. Follow us on Facebook, or you can contact us at info@calontir.org.

Logan & Ylva

Their Royal Majesties



Countess Gwen A' Brooke

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News & Announcements

What’s new in Calontir

Lilies War Event Stewards

I am excited to announce the the Stewards for Lilies War 31 are Master Murdoch Stiubhard and Mistress Katherine von Heilige.  They have some exciting things planned and we look forward to another awesome Lilies War.  Please keep an eye out for more information from them soon.

If you need to reach the event stewards, please use Stewards@LiliesWar.org

In Service,

Baroness Rebecca Beaumont
Lilies War Committee Chair

Position Announcement: Deputy Seneschal

Unto the populace comes greetings from the office of the kingdom seneschal.

As a result of recent changes in tax laws for several states and SCA corporate rules related to those laws, the kingdom seneschal's office is in search of an individual interested in serving in a newly created deputy position for monitoring/assisting with vendors/merchants in affected states. The ideal candidate should be organized, able to manage deadlines, be an effective communicator, and able to work with local group seneschals to help coordinate merchant requirements related to taxes in effected states. Any interested candidates must have a valid membership and be able to pass the SCA background check for consideration. Please send letters of interest or questions directly to Seneschal@calontir.org. Deadline for applicants is October 10, 2016.

In service,
Duchess Aislinn Morcroft
Kingdom Seneschal

Call for Crown Tournament Letters of Intent

Part of being a responsible Crown is ensuring the smooth transition from one reign to the next. To that end We are setting forth these requirements for those who would wish to compete in Our Crown list in Lonely Tower this October. Please provide your letter of intent to Us and Our seneschal by September 24th, 2016. You may present them at an event or send an electronic copy to both Falcon-Crown@calontir.org and Seneschal@calontir.org.

We encourage everyone who meets the criteria below to participate. Being Crown of Calontir does take time and effort, but the experience brings more joy than we could have imagined. You must be willing to serve the Kingdom in this fashion, but not necessarily wishing to with all your being. Taking part in Crown Tournament is a privilege that more people should take advantage of. At no other time can you participate in the selection of your next Sovereign. And who knows, it might be you!

Our requirements for both the combatant and the consort are as follows:

  • Per kingdom law, you must be familiar with kingdom law, and swear an oath that you are. Please read it.
  • It is vital that the Crown be able to work together to accomplish great things. Please provide an example of some project that you have worked on together and how you managed it. It needn’t be an SCA project, just an indication that you can deal with each other in somewhat stressful situations.
  • The Crown makes many decisions that affect the entire Kingdom. To show that you have some knowledge of the breadth and depth of Calontir, please provide a list of the events that both of you have attended (together or separately) in the last 12 months.
  • Individually, please provide your reasoning for selecting that person to fight for/to carry your favor. What makes them special in your eyes.
  • For Our Seneschal, please provide copies of your proof of membership, which should last through the end of your potential reign. (Should your current membership end before your reign would, you will be required to renew it immediately after winning Crown Tournament)
  • Also for Our Seneschal, please provide proof of residence within Calontir for the past year, or indication that you have been “treaty-ed in” for at least that long. A driver’s license will usually provide this.

We look forward to a wonderful tournament, and hope that everyone will join Us, either on the field or not.

-- TRM Logan & Ylva --

Position Announcement: Lilies Park Liaison

Greetings Calontir!

My time as Park Liaison is coming to an end, and a replacement is needed.  The position is a project management/organizational type of position.  You would be acting as a go-between for the kingdom and those that run the park where we hold Lilies War and King’s Company of Archers.  The Park Liaison is a deputy of the Kingdom Seneschal,  and works closely with the Lilies Chair.

We are looking for anyone who is organized, able to use multiple communication methodologies to contact park employees, and can travel to the Smithville area  to attend a few meetings, sometimes on short notice, during the year.  Applicants need to have reliable email/internet and phone access, must be a paid member, and undergo a SCA background check if selected.

If you would be interested in the position, please feel free to ask me any questions you may have.  Letters of intent are due by 8/31 and I will be conducting interviews at Valor and QPT – please include at which of these two events you’d be available to speak to me.  

Please include the following in your Letter of Intent, sent via email to liliesparkliaison@calontir.org

  • Your full name, both modern and SCA.
  • Membership number and expiration date
  • A brief summary of your SCA experience, especially as relates to the position.
  • Why you would like to be Park Liaison.

In Service,

Countess Gwen A’Brooke, OL

Position Announcements: Changes to the Witan

Their Majesties wish it to be known that the following Changes to Their Witan will be taking place:

  • Our Webminister, Lady Allison of Forgotten Sea, will be stepping down in August and Lord Giovanni Loredan will be taking her place.
  • Our Seneschal, Duchess Aislinn Morcroft, will be stepping down in November. Her successor will be announced soon.

Additionally, these officers are reaching the end of their terms in office and would like to step down:

  • Chronicler - Lord Ottar Surtrson
  • Minister of the Lists - Honorable Lady Chiara di Paxiti
  • Earl Marshal - Sir Duncan of Skeene

If you are interested in seeking any of these positions, please look at the Witan page on the Kingdom website for information on how to contact them and their superiors.

Queen's Prize Announcement

QUEEN'S PRIZE!  Attention artisans and sponsors!  The entry application window for Queen's Prize will open on July 11, and close at midnight, August 31st.  This great A&S semi-annual competition is open to any Calontiri who do not yet have a Grant of Arms level award in A&S, but does require the entrant to have a sponsor from the ranks of Grant of Arms A&S orders or higher.  MANY, MANY of them are willing to sponsor you if you have difficulty finding a sponsor locally.

Elevation Announcements

Who, When, and Where

Honorable Lord Mathurin Kerbusso was announced at Lilies War to be elevated to the Order of the Pelican.  Vigil and Elevation are to be held at Valor.

Count Agamemnon Platylithodae was announced at Coronation to be elevated to the Order of the Chivalry. Vigil and Elevation are to be held at Cattle Raids.

Baroness Svana Lutusdottir was announced at Coronation to be elevated to the Order of the Pelican. Vigil and Elevation are to be held at King's Companie of Archers.

Honorable Lord Gunnar Thorisson was announced at Coronation to be elevated to the Order of the Pelican. Vigil and Elevation are to be held at Valor.

Count Marius Lucian Fidelis was announced at Coronation to be elevated to the Order of the Laurel. Vigil and Elevation are to be held at Queen's Prize Tournament.

Honorable Lord Cathus the Curious was announced at Birthday Bash to be elevated to the Order of the Laurel. Vigil and Elevation are to be held at Queen's Prize Tournament.

Baron Avraham ben David Hakhuzari was announced at Feast of Eagles to be elevated to the Order of the Chivalry. Vigil and Elevation are to be held at Valor.

Honorable Lady Sabilla Swaine was announced at Pennsic War to be elevated to the Order of the Laurel. Vigil and Elevation are to be held at Kris Kinder.

Honorable Lord Gavin O'Shannon was announced at Pennsic War to be elevated to the Order of the Chivalry. Vigil and Elevation are TBA.

Riddari Halvgrimr Aðálraðarson was announced and elevated at Pennsic War to the Order of the Laurel.