Cross of Calatrava

February LoAR Published

Greetings, Calontir!

The February Letter of Acceptances and Returns was published on Friday, April 12th.  Here are the results for Calontir: 

CALONTIR acceptances 

Adalyde Heloyz la Cantora. Device change. Gyronny of twelve Or and azure, a peacock in his pride argent within a four-lobed quadrate cornice gules. 

The submitter’s prior device, Gyronny of twelve Or and azure, a peacock in his pride argent and on a base sable a moon in her plenitude Or, is released. 

Anne Renarde. Name change from Anne Renaud (see RETURNS for device). 

Nice 14th century French name from Picardy! The submitter’s previous name, Anne Renaud, is released.  
Dagný ingen Murchada. Name change from Eleanor of Shrewsbury. 

This name combines an Old Norse given name with an Irish Gaelic byname, an acceptable lingual mix per SENA Appendix C. The submitter’s prior name, Eleanor of Shrewsbury, is released. 

Elizabeth Hathaway. Device. Vert, an owl and on a chief argent three rue sprigs vert. Halfdan inn auðgi Ívarsson. Name. 

Ivan Povarnin. Name and device. Vert, a frog rampant within an annulet of icosahedral dice Or. Submitted as twelve icosahedral dice, twelve is too many charges to enumerate in blazon when arranged in such a way that the number can’t be recognized at a glance. 

Jean Jolivet. Name (see RETURNS for device). 

Nice 15th century name from Paris, France! 

Mór Hoistlair. Device change. Quarterly vert and sable, a wolf passant atop a snake glissant argent. 

The submitter’s prior device, Quarterly vert and sable, in pale a wolf couchant and an eagle maintaining in each foot an olive branch argent, is retained as a badge. 

Thomas Bacon. Reblazon of device. Purpure, between in fess two pens a hand maintaining a torch, in chief five mullets in fess Or. 

Blazon when registered in March of 1989 as Purpure, a hand maintaining a torch palewise between in fess two quill pens palewise, in chief five mullets in fess, all Or, we are clarifying the charge groups. The pens are the primary charges, the torch and hand are secondary charges. 

Þorkatla in skygna. Name. 

Nice 9th-11th century Old Norse name from Iceland!  
Ysabel de la Oya. Badge. Argent goutty de sang, a cross of Santiago sable. 

CALONTIR returns 

Anne Renarde. Device. Azure, on a sun in splendor between three mullets Or an increscent moon argent. 
This device is returned for having a low contrast tertiary charge, in violation of SENA A3B4a. 

Submitted as a moon in her plenitude irradiated Or waxing crescent argent, we have no evidence for moons in their plenitude with the faces divided this way, so we must consider the argent increscent as a tertiary charge which has poor contrast with the Or charge it lies upon. 

Even if we were to allow a moon divided this way, the primary charge is effectively a roundel irradiated, which is a sun by definition. And since the primary charge is more than half Or, considered this way the device would conflict with the device of Wendryn Townsend, Azure, a sun in glory Or, and with the device of Paul of Sunriver, Azure, a compass star Or, with a single DC in both cases for adding the secondary mullets. 

Jean Jolivet. Device. Argent, on a pale vert between two lilies of the valley vert flowered argent three hummingbirds hovering argent. 

This device is returned for the lack of contrast between the flower blossoms and the field, in violation of SENA A3B4b. Despite lilies of the valley taking their tincture from the slip and leaves for contrast and conflict purposes, the flowers are an identifying feature which is too important for identifiability to have no contrast with the field. 

In service,
Dorcas Saker