Cross of Calatrava

Youth Activities

Síle inghean Chairbre
Minister of Youth

Mission Statement

The goal of this office, and those who assist, is to be ambassadors for our youth and families into the world of the SCA. We are here to mentor our youth and families and to provide fun, safe, and educational activities to enhance their SCA experience.

The policies and procedures listed below are designed from the previous Society for Creative Anachronism’s Officer of Minister of Youth. There will no longer be Society recognition of this specific office.
The Minister of Youth Office continues within our Kingdom to provide fun, structured, scheduled, age appropriate, educational activities for our Youth and Families. These activities are to follow the Kingdom guidelines and policies at meetings, and/or other SCA functions
Below are the policies and procedures that have been adopted by the Kingdom of Calontir to ensure our Youth and Families are safe and there is current information as to what is to be expected for the Office of MOY and our youth and families.

Quarterly Reports

Fill out your quarterly report here, even if no youth and family activities have taken place

Reporting dates:
1st Quarter April 15th
2nd Quarter July 15th
3rd Quarter October 15th
4th Quarter January 15th

Local Group Ministers of Youth