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Sorcha O’Rain (Sherri Moreno)

Aston Tor
The Retort
Zygmunt Gdanski (Robert Jestus)

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Society Chronicler’s Handbook (PDF)

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Calontir Chronicler Agreement to Serve

How to Submit a Flyer to the Mews

Events MUST be scheduled on the Calontir Kingdom Calendar to be official. In order for Court or any official business to occur, a complete flyer must be published in The Mews. Failure to do so means that the Crown cannot hold Court at that event.

Event notices must be published for the events at which any one of the following will take place

  1. Crown and Coronet Tournaments
  2. Coronations and Investitures
  3. Appointment of Kingdom or Principality Officers
  4. Presentation of awards and titles
  5. Proclamation of law
  6. Establishment or advancement of branches

Follow the instructions below, then submit your event flyer and Reeve confirmation with this form:
MEWS Event Flyer Submission Form

How to submit an event flyer to the MEWS:

Before sending an event flyer to the Kingdom Chronicler, you must confirm your event with the Kingdom Reeve. Read the Guidelines for Scheduling an Official SCA Event (PDF).
Send the Event details to the Kingdom Reeve via the Kingdom Calendar Event Request Submission Form. Please note: For an event to be approved, the group must be in good standing with the Kingdom.
The Mews WILL NOT publish an event announcement if the event has not been approved, or confirmed.

Save the confirmation email from the Kingdom Reeve – you will need to send the confirmation to the Kingdom Chronicler AND the Kingdom Webminister.
To be considered complete (in order for official business to be carried out at an event), an event announcement must contain these 7 points:

  1. Date of the event (day and month).
  2. The time of the event: when the site opens and closes.
  3. The name of the sponsoring group. (Example – Barony of Forgotten Sea)
  4. The location (name, street address, and city) of the site. The zip code should also be included, if available.
  5. The name (both Society and modern), phone and email address of the event steward (autocrat).
  6. Directions to site (if applicable).
  7. If there is a price being charged for the event, the registration amounts, the statement “Make checks payable to (group name)”. The non-member surcharge must also be specified in the event registration items.
    DO NOT USE THE WORD “FEES” TO DESCRIBE THIS COST– Use the word registration. Any flyer with the word “Fee” will be rejected by the Kingdom Chronicler immediately.
    Society has approved the following template for use on event flyers – Correct nomenclature for the costs to attend fees should be as follows: “Adult Event Registration” and “Adult Member Discount Event Registration”.


Adult – $20
Adult, Member Discount – $15
Youth 6-18 – $5
Children under 6 – free

Make checks payable to “(Group-Name)”

Deadline: The Kingdom Chronicler must receive copy no later than the first day of the month prior to the month in which you want the copy printed (IE: if the flyer is to run in the January Mews it MUST be to the Chronicler no later than December 1.) The deadline does not change for Sundays or holidays. There is no “grace period” for this deadline. It is final and unnegotiable.

File format:When using digital media, please send your copy in “. jpg”, “.doc”, or “.pdf ” format with a resolution of 200 ppi/dpi or better. Any unreadable format will be returned for reformatting.
The Kingdom Chronicler reserves the right to edit or adjust all submissions in order to most efficiently utilize the space available in the publication. Any submission not received in an editable format may be rejected for this reason. It is recommended that a text version of all flyers be submitted along with the fully designed flyer.

Page sizes:(reduction may occur when printed) • full page – 8.5” x 11” with a 1/2” margin.

Once all of the above has been verified on your event flyer – fill out the MEWS Event Flyer submission form, attaching a copy of the Reeve event confirmation and an electronic version of your flyer here:
Also, send the event confirmation to Add Event File/Link to the Kingdom Calendar Form if your event is not yet listed on the Kingdom Calendar on the Calontir website.

How to Submit Content to the Mews

What is the Mews?
The MEWS is Calontir’s newsletter and it contains important information that all members should be familiar with. This includes: letters from our Royal Family and Kingdom Officers, court reports, job announcements, event notices, seneschal contact information, and the upcoming event calendar, along with feature articles and event photos. The MEWS is published monthly and becomes available to read online about two weeks before the start of each month

How can I access the Mews?
All Sustaining and International members of the SCA have access to The MEWS, along with every Kingdom’s newsletter in our Known World. To view the newsletters, go to and login with your member number (as username) and password (if you have not yet set a new password, it will be the word start).

What can I submit to be published in the Mews?
Anything that would be of interest to SCA folk can be included in the newsletter. A recipe you recently redacted, an article on how to make a 14th century hat, a review of a book on medieval games, an article about your visit to a medieval mansion, a poem or song in the medieval style…

The newsletter also welcomes photographs and artwork. Each month, the front cover features a larger piece of art or a photograph, so there is a constant requirement for that. Sometimes, there is need for clip-art to illustrate articles. Often, there is a need for smaller pieces of art to separate two articles, fill the space at the end of a page and so on. Add to the Glory of Calontir by allowing your artwork and photos to appear on the cover of the kingdom newsletter! Cover art for The Mews is not confined to drawing, painting, and illumination. A quality photograph of your chosen art is worthy and welcome.

Remember! Contributions must be your own work and not contain material (other than justifiable quotes) from copyrighted material, unless you have proof of written permission from the copyright holder.

How to submit content to the Mews:
Creative Works (Non-Photos)

To submit original artwork for publication in The Mews, the artist must also sign and send a Creative Works Release form to indicate they are the creator of the artwork and establish permission to publish the “Work” and control its use.

Artists who wish to give their “work” to the SCA can check OPTION #1 — FULL ASSIGNMENT OF COPYRIGHT, in which they transfer ownership of the “Work” to the SCA to use in any future SCA website or publication.

Types of “Work”

To Submit Creative Works (Non-Photo) to the MEWS, fill out the form here —-> Submit Creative Content to the MEWS

To submit photographs for publication, photographers must sign the SCA Photograph Grant of Use form to indicate ownership of the photograph and give permission to publish the photo and control its use. Photographers who don’t want to ever have to sign another Photograph Grant of Use can check The Perpetual Grants of Use option. In which they agree that the Photograph(s) identified above, as well as any photos I (they) submit to the SCA at any time in the future, may be used for any SCA publication or website. Photographs should be in vertical (“portrait”) format rather than horizontal (“landscape”), as this best fits the space available on the cover. Images are reproduced in half-tone black & white. Images should therefore not have too much fine detail, or areas of low contrast, as these will not reproduce well.

Photographs should obviously be of a relevant subject – medieval building, photographs taken at events and such like. Where the photograph features the faces of individuals such that they can be easily recognized, be sure that you have the permission of the people, especially where children are concerned.

For people in the photograph:

Model Release

Every person with an identifiable face in the photo must sign a Model Release Form to give permission to publish their image and control use of the final product. People who don’t want to ever have to sign a Model Release form again and who are willing to let the SCA use their image in any photograph (with the right to have it removed) can check Option #1. OPTION #1 — RELEASE FOR ALL PHOTOGRAPHS The SCA may publish any photograph taken of me in any SCA publication, including print, web and electronic. I reserve the right to ask that any specific picture on the web or in electronic media to be removed.

According to the Chronicler working policies, there is no assumption of privacy at events held in public therefore it is not required to track down every identifiable person in the photo to sign a release. So only “portrait” style photos containing people who are actally posing for a photograph need a Model release.

“What is meant by “public place”? From

“A public place is generally an indoor or outdoor area, whether privately or publicly owned, to which the public have access by right or by invitation, expressed or implied, whether by payment of money or not, but not a place when used exclusively by one or more individuals for a private gathering or other personal purpose.” In other words, the majority of SCA events and functions are held in public places, but there are exceptions: a household meeting held at someone’s home, for example, would be considered a non-public venue, and in order to publish images from that meeting on an SCA-hosted website, Model Release forms would be required.”

To fill out the model release form go here —> SCA Model Release Form

Once the Model Release Form has been recieved, the Photographer should fill out the Grant of Use form here —> SCA Photographer Release