Cross of Calatrava

Calontir Gold Falcon Principal Herald

Meisterin Brigida von München, OP
Calontir Gold Falcon Principal Herald

Missive from the Principal Herald of Calontir

Greetings to one and all!

I’m excited to serve as the twenty-first Gold Falcon for the Kingdom of Calontir. My predecessors have developed our College of Heralds into a very knowledgeable and helpful resource for anyone who needs our assistance. I look forward to building upon this work.

Besides the continued work with name and armory submissions, I want to encourage others to explore field heraldry. We have a small nucleus of strong vocal heralds for both tournaments and camp criers, but we must encourage and develop others in this important branch of heraldry.

As was said in my installation, I “shall do your true duty to be every day more cunning than others in the office of arms, so as you may be better furnished to teach others under you, answer to others above you, and execute with more wisdom and eloquence such charges as Their Majesties or of any noble person shall lay unto you by the virtue of this office.” As such, I am always available to help or teach as needed, as are my deputies. Please contact me at with any questions, concerns, or requests for help.

Ich hilfe,
Brigida Gold Falcon

Administrative and Herald-Only Content

While most of the populace is familiar with the work of the College of Heralds through consultations on names & armory and vocally in court & at camp, there is a lot of administrative work that goes into making these activities happen seemlessly. Heralds, if you need the nitty-gritty, you’ll find it right here.

Herald’s Handbook and Helpful Links

From helping register historically plausible names and heraldic devices, to their presence in court, to service behind the scenes, you will find Heralds at work around Calontir in many ways.

Registering Names and Devices

Order of Precedence


Regional Deputies and Responsibilities

Kite Herald: Lady Ximena Echeberria

Axed Root, Coeur d’Ennui, Deodar, Flinthyll, Heraldshill, Shadowdale 

Harrier Herald: Lady Zarah bat Chesed

Amlesmore, Aston Tor, Bellewode, Cum an Iolair, Forgotten Sea

Buteo Herald: Lord Yngvarr Bjarnakarl 

Calanais Nuadh, Oakheart, Standing Stones, Three Rivers, Wyvern Cliffe  

Gerfalcon Herald: HL Henry Percivale Kemp

 Bois d’Arc, Crystal Mynes, Grimfells, Moonstone, Spinning Winds, Theobald, Vatavia, Westumbria 

Sparrow Hawk Herald: Honorable Lord Nikolai Spiach’ev

Carlsby, Crescent Moon, Lonely Tower, Lost Moor, Mag Mor

College Administration and Reporting

Reporting Due Dates:

1st Quarter: April 15th

2nd Quarter: July 15th

3rd Quarter: October 15th

4th Quarter: January 15th

Domesday: January 31st

Online Herald Quarterly Report Form (link updated 3/19/2019)

Heraldic Social Media

Court Reports