Cross of Calatrava for Pride

Gold Falcon Principal Herald

The Gold Falcon Principal Herald leads Calontir’s College of Heralds. Heralds serve as the voices of the Crowns, report and track the court business, including awards, research, teach about, and help individuals understand and create period appropriate persona names and arms, and ensure historically appropriate ceremony and documentation is created and maintained.

Message from Gold Falcon

Welcome to the world of Calontir Heraldry. Heralds serve the kingdom and society with our voices, our hands, and our minds. We can craft you a beautiful device, pluck a perfect name, or call you to the field of battle! Here you can find information to submit your heraldry. You can also find information on how to join this noble band of nerds.
I am humbled to be chosen to serve as the 22nd Gold Falcon Herald. I will do my best to follow in the steps of those that have come before me and leave a path for those that will come after. I have been a herald since my first event and it is a cornerstone of my participation in the SCA. During my tenure, I hope to share some of my enthusiasm with new and senior heralds. My goal is to make the art and science of heraldry accessible to everyone.
Interested in learning more about heraldry? Please reach out! We have all been in the same position. I would be more than happy to help you on your first steps as a herald. My favorite part of the SCA is helping someone find their Thing.  Heraldry is one of my Things. Maybe it’s one of yours too.
Please feel free to direct questions, suggestions, and concerns to If you aren’t sure what you are looking for, let me know and I will get you pointed in the right direction.

Heraldic Social Media

Heralds of Calontir Facebook Group
Calontir Heralds Google Group
SCA Heraldry Chat Facebook Group
SCA Silent Heraldry Facebook Group


Quarterly Report Form 
Reporting Due Dates:
1st Quarter: April 15th
2nd Quarter: July 15th
3rd Quarter: October 15th
4th Quarter: January 15th
Domesday: January 31st

Court Reports
Royal Court Report Form
Court Report Guide

Heraldry Deputies

Kite Herald – Northeast Region Deputy
Ximena Echeberria
Axed Root, Coeur d’Ennui, Deodar, Flinthyll, Heraldshill, Shadowdale

Harrier Herald – Central Region Deputy
Amlesmore, Aston Tor, Bellewode, Cum an Iolair, Forgotten Sea

Buteo Herald – Southeast Region Deputy
Yngvarr Bjarnakarl 
Calanais Nuadh, Oakheart, Standing Stones, Three Rivers, Wyvern Cliffe  

Gerfalcon Herald – Southwest Region Deputy
Bois d’Arc, Crystal Mynes, Grimfells, Moonstone, Spinning Winds, Theobald, Vatavia, Westumbria

Sparrow Hawk Herald – Northwest Region Deputy
Nikolai Kolpachnik Spiach'ev
Carlsby, Crescent Moon, Lonely Tower, Lost Moor, Mag Mor

Saker Herald – External Submissions Deputy
Sarra the Brave

Eyas Herald – Internal Submissions Deputy
Dyrfinna Tonnudottir

Red Hawk Herald – Commentary Deputy
Ava Alixandre de Bourges

Battleur Herald – Field Heraldry Deputy
Johann Steinarsson

Blue Hawk Herald – Clerk of the Precedence
Konstantia Kaloethina

Vert Hawk Herald – Clerk of the Armorial
Giovanni Loredan

White Hawk Herald – Court Herald for Their Royal Majesties
Selene of Lesbos

Purple Falcon Herald – Emergency Deputy

Habicht Herald – Education Deputy
Sofya la Rus

Lanner Herald – Ceremonies Deputy

Purple Quill Herald – Assistant to Gold Falcon

Goodhand Herald – Silent Heraldry Deputy
Aelin Kausi

Kingdom Historian
Rhianydd Arbeth