Cross of Calatrava for Pride

Gold Falcon Principal Herald

Rhodri ap Hywel

Order of Precedence

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Quarterly Report Form 
Reporting Due Dates:
1st Quarter: April 15th
2nd Quarter: July 15th
3rd Quarter: October 15th
4th Quarter: January 15th
Domesday: January 31st

Court Reports
Royal Court Report – Use CALON System

The Gold Falcon Principal Herald leads Calontir’s College of Heralds. Heralds serve as the voices of the Crowns, report and track the court business, including awards, research, teach about, and help individuals understand and create period-appropriate persona names and arms, and ensure historically appropriate ceremony and documentation are created and maintained.

Message from Gold Falcon

Welcome to the home of Calontir’s College of Heralds.

The heralds of Calontir help create devices to brighten garb, bring warmth to feast halls, and liven battlefields and tournaments. We can help you find the right name that suits your journey in the modern Middle Ages. We craft ceremonies to celebrate the milestones people achieve. And we help our Crowns and Baronages add splendor to Their courts.

I’m Rhodri ap Hywel, honored and proud to serve as the 23rd Gold Falcon Herald of Calontir. I’m here to help you find the right person to assist your needs.

Mostly, though, I’m here because I think heraldry is cool and I want to help spread my love for the art, history, and pageantry heraldry provides.

Got questions? I’ve got answers, and they’re hopefully the right ones. Got suggestions? I want to hear them. Want to show me a way you think heraldry is cool? Definitely send me that. My email is and the more I hear from Calontir, the better I can do this job.

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