Cross of Calatrava for Pride

The Great Rolls of Calontir

Roll of Precedence

A rank-ordered list of the Populace of Calontir by their Precedence Rank within the Kingdom.

Roll of Names

An alphabetical list of members of the Populace who have registered Names with the Society’s College of Arms.

Roll of Armory

An alphabetical list of members of the Populace who have registered Armory with the Society’s College of Arms.

Rolls of the Orders

A collection of membership lists for the Orders and Awards of the Kingdom of Calontir.

Roll of the Royal Lineage

A list of the Royalty of Calontir from the first Warlord to the Current occupants of the Falcon Thrones.

Rolls of the Groups

A collection of information on the various local groups of the Kingdom.

Populace Search

Device Name Awards Earned
'Abd al-Hakim ibn 'abd al-Rahman Shaddad al-Tomuki
Tomiki Mahood Washi Yamiran Ta'if
Duchy County Order of Chivalry/Knight Iren-Hirth Iren-Fyrd Sword of Calontir
Aalis Lasair MacDhomhnuill
Aamir Al-Rashid
Torse Leather Mallet Iren-Fyrd AOA-Simple
Aaron Graves
Iren Feran
Aaron the Mischievious
Iren-Fyrd Order of the Archaic Fewment
Aayla Snowmoon
Abaigeal Fairchild
Abigail Belcher, Abigeal Fairchild
Boga-Fyrd AOA-Simple Queen's Chalice
Abbatissa inghean lohne mhic Cuaig
Silver Hammer Leather Mallet Torse AOA-Simple
Abhline of La Grande Tente
Abigail Rose
Abigail of Vatavia,Betty Horn
Boga-Fyrd AOA-Simple
Abotar of Isenshire
Abu Muqatil Wada' ibn Salamah ibn Daffafah
Majnum ibn Nithami Tabel Rugas
Golden Calon Swan AOA-Simple
Ace Murrell
Roisin of Standing Stones
AOA-Simple Purple Feather Queen's Chalice
Achmet the Colorblind
Adaline Lister
Torse AOA-Simple
Adalyde Heloyz la Cantora
Adalyde bint Junus al-zaarqa,Adelaide MacGillivray,Adelaide nic Aoidh,Adelaide of Three Rivers
Order of the Laurel Calon Lily Stile Fyrd Torse Golden Calon Swan AOA-Simple Queen's Chalice Order of the Archaic Fewment
Adam Matthew
Adela Dagmar O'Flynn
Anne House,Cyacin
Boga-Hirth Torse Leather Mallet Golden Calon Swan Boga-Fyrd AOA-Simple
Adela Ote
Karen McFerran
Adelaide Dewey
Adelaide verch Dewi, Adelaide Dewy
Iren-Fyrd Torse AOA-Simple

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