Cross of Calatrava

War Council

About the War Council

Kingdom Law IX-500 THE WAR COUNCIL shall be a committee composed of members appointed by the Crown. The duties and responsibilities of the War Council shall be as specified in the War Council charter and such other duties as the Crown may assign. War Council members may be removed or replaced as the Crown deems necessary and should be replaced periodically, as specified in the War Council charter.

The War Council Charter
A group of individuals who desire to ensure the Calon Army has consistent leadership and support, to be known as the War Council, is hereby established in the Kingdom of Calontir, to be conducted as set forth in this charter, under the hand of the Crown of Calontir.

Objectives of the Guild

  1. To ensure the Calontir army has the continuity of leadership it needs to be successful.
  2. To train the army using best practices vetted in the field.
  3. To assist local groups in organizing for foreign war participation.
  4. To publish, update, and maintain written materials such as a War Manual for training and educational purposes.
  5. To serve the Crown and our Kingdom during inter-kingdom conflicts by supporting our allies on the field.

The war council will be comprised of members of the orders of the Iren Hirth and Chivalry, as the army is ultimately those two orders responsibility. There will be no badges, awards, or recognition for serving on the war council. It is not a vehicle towards rank, and thus those serving should not expect service in this council as a vehicle for future awards for martial activities.

There will be 4 War Council Deans with very specific responsibilities. All members of the Council shall be considered equals, and there shall be no internal rank structure of members within the Council.

Definition of the War Council

The War Council (WC) is a group of members of the Order of Chivalry tasked with

ensuring leadership guidance and development of the Calontir army. The WC should be comprised of 4 branches, and those who work in these branches from this point will be referred to as Deans.

Dean of the War Council: Works with the other 3 branches, is the direct liaison to the Crown and General chosen by said Crown. Also updates and publishes the Calontir War Manual on a yearly basis, and ensures the manual works on multiple types of mobile devices.

Dean of Training: Oversees the training of the army. Schedules and plans War College, War Maneuvers, and any other melee training done on a kingdom level.

Dean of Curriculum and Instruction: Oversees and develops the best practices used by the Dean of Training to ensure that the army training aligns with the curriculum and instruction that is being used.

Dean of Logistics: Develops a method for contacting shires, baronies, and contact groups to setup ride shares, help getting to and from war, and organizing any war materials.


The WC will meet face to face at least once a year, at Winter War Maneuvers. They will also maintain a continual, ongoing digital conversation to ensure actions items and organization is consistent.

Revision of the Charter

Due to the nature of this council it is requested that a 4-year moratorium be placed on any change to the actual structure, organization and responsibilities of each Dean as the inaugural WC will be adjusting as needed to adjust the needs of the council and army.

Any other revisions to the Charter will be made in the following manner:

  1. Any revision requested by a member or members must be submitted to the Deans in writing.
  2. All suggested revisions, whether generated by a Dean or member of the army will be submitted to the Deans, in writing.
  3. Once the suggested revision has been considered, a discussion of the change will be done by the Council and then a recommendation for change, if any, will be forward to the Crown.

A revision will be approved by the Crown will be submitted as final approval, to be published in the next available issue of the MEWS, and any future copies of the Charter will reflect the revision.