Cross of Calatrava

A message from Their Majesties

Our Intrepid Calontiri,It has been a little more than a month since the last time We have spoken to you and apologize for the silence.In that time, things seem to have become ever more insurmountable, and yet you remain.The consequences of the pandemic continue to weigh on us, Calontir has not gone unscathed by rising unemployment, social unrest mounts, a literal storm has crawled across our Northern reaches, and the Society itself has asked for aid in the form of renewed memberships. Yet we are still Calontir.You have made and continue to make good, healthy choices for your communities. You have lent time and care to those who have suffered personal hardship. You have become informed, let your voices be heard, and supported those who need it. And you have answered The Society’s call. Through it all, you have found time and the inspiration to do your art, to teach, to learn. You have fostered discussion on philosophy and society, for self-enrichment and self-care.Every month it seems we cannot bear even one more thing, and every month we prove that Calontir hearts and wills are unbreakable.Tamar and I promise We are still here, working daily to improve our Kingdom for you and yours. We have met with the Chivalry and Laurels, We meet with Pelicans this evening, and will be meeting with our Masters of Defense soon. We continue to work with our Witan, our Baronages, and the Advocates regularly to help bring our Kingdom closer in solidarity while it seems everything conspires to keep us apart.We know that the near constant state of urgency we all feel demands your attention. Demands fight or flight. Remember that we all feel this tension to one degree or another. Give each other the benefit of doubt. Take a longer view, when you can. There is more than just tomorrow.We are dauntless… togetherLucian and Tamar