Cross of Calatrava

Queen’s Prize Winner Archive

List of Past Queens Prize Winners

2019Andromir VukovicMiscellaneousLate Roman/Byzantine Hanging Lamp
2018Hugo Van HarloCartographyCalontiræ Regnum Descriptio: A Late Sixteenth Century Multi-Sheet Wall Map of Calontir
2017Ysabel de la Oya (Adult)Cooking, Single DishI will be assigning a fictional person an illness. Using the humoral system, I will cook a dish that would have been made in period to treat the illness.
2017Sherbert Herrickson (Youth)Cooking, Single DishMeat in a cream sauce
2016Sawbina FahyMaterial PreparationSun bleaching beeswax to make it whiter and more readily available to accept dyes.
2015Biétriz la cristaliereStained Glass Making of a Princess-Stained Glass Window
2014Severin SvensdottirCooking – Single DishUsing cooking pots made of different materials, I will cook documented foods in each pot measuring temperatures and evaluating the cooking process at regular intervals. That done, I will evaluate the flavor of each. With the addition of a timeline for pots found, there will be enough information for interesting dialogue about the evolution of the mighty cooking pot and the possible impact of cooking pots’ evolution on the food itself.
2013Geva de Kent (Adult)BeveragesLate Period Red Wine
2013Lily Aldrich (Youth)MetalworkHammered Copper Bowl
2012Edward de Kent13th c Turkish Book Stands
2011Skjoldúlfr ÞynningMetalworking (Figurines)Repousse in the Style of Viking Gold
2010 (Nov)Nikolette of Mag MorSong Accompanied by Harp
2010 (Nov)Rosamistica Tomacelli de GreenHerbal Remedies
2010 (Nov)Isengrim SleggjaMetalworkingMastermyr Hammerhead made from Recovered Metal
2010 (Jan)Bernadette de CompiegneCookingThe Four Humours and Food Preparation
2009Seraphina BrugarirCookingMustard Balls
2009Sonja GrimrsdottirArmorBanded Helm
2009Kasha AlekseyevaMusical PerformanceItalian Song
2008Una of Ivory KeepCookingMughal Indian & Portugese
2007Isobel MacDonaldClothing Construction11th c Flemish Dress
2006Catrijn vanden WesthendeCostumingBurgundian Gown
2005MalcolmForged Dragonhead Nutcracker
2004Paul AdlerAnglo Saxon Cast Brooches
2003Catherine Dark of the ForestDyeingDyed Outfit
2002Einnar AldhoundWoodworkingCarved Norse Wood Box
2001Cassandra di Capelletti
Natalya Alekseya Vasilova
Page from an Herbal Poem “The Road to Reims”
2000Leif Andersson
Malgar Thorvick
1999Cassandra di CapellettiResearch Paper
1998Henry Percivale KempFootwearRed Embroidered Shoes
1997Eadward BoicewryghtWoodworking
1996Lina Thorgrimsdottir von WisselBrewingMead
1995Diachbha the WeaverWeaving