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Calendar Change Proposals – Poll

Thank you to everyone who commented within the calendar change proposal documents. As We refine Our options and approach a decision, We have decided to poll the populace on some specific details.  There are three distinct options, re-labeled proposals A, B, and C. The poll also asks opinions about the best way to transition to a new calendar, as that will affect Our Heirs.

We believe that the simplest way to transition to any of the 2023 Calendar options is to replace Crown with Coronation this October, and to cancel July Coronation.  That would mean that Our Heirs, chosen in April, would have a longer time as Heirs, to prepare for Their reign. 

Adding Royal Events for Equestrian and Stile, while it provides balance for martial events, does mean a commitment to hold these events.  We’re adding flexibility to the Kingdom Law to specify “held annually” rather than a specific weekend.  Our office of the Reeve is responsible for scheduling events, and Kingdom Law does not need to be more specific with these – but the questions remain, do we want them to be Royal Events?

Please give this some thought, take a few minutes and complete this poll: 

The calendar options available for review at 

King Hirsch and Queen Magdalena

Peace. Love. Calontir.