Cross of Calatrava

Crown Tourney Reminder

Greetings, Calontir,
This is a reminder that We are accepting letters of intent to fight in Our upcoming Crown Tourney. If you feel like you are seeing more announcements about Crown than usual, you are correct! We know that some people have hesitations around the idea of the responsibilities of being Crown, especially during these strange times, but the right team behind you and the love and support of the populace truly do make it more privilege than burden. We want everyone who is considering fighting to have adequate opportunity to think about both the work that goes into this role, and the rewards of being able to serve and champion Calontir.
Please submit your letter to Us ( and the Kingdom Seneschal ( no later than September 25th. This due date is the same weekend as Masters of the Duel.

In accordance with Section VI of Kingdom Law:
Any resident combatant and consort may submit a Letter of Intent.
The letter must include proof of residence within Calontir and active paid membership with the SCA
We would also ask you for a few sentences on why you wish to be the Crown Prince and Princess of Calontir.

Lucian and Tamar