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Many people have had a hand in the creation of the Kingdom Web site. Without their generous contributions, this site would not be as it is today.

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Previous Kingdom Web Ministers:

Master Gawin Kappler (2020-2023)
Lady Allison of Forgotten Sea (2018-2020)
Lord Giovanni Loredon (2016-2018)
Lady Allison of Forgotten Sea (2014-2016)
Honorable Lady Lucia Octavio da Siena (2012-2014)
Her Excellency Sung Sai-erh (2010-2012)
Honorable Lord Roibeard mac Auleth (2006-2010)
Master Conrad von Kassel (2000-2006)
Terras (1996-1999)

Kingdom Deputy Web Ministers:

Master Gawin Kappler
Honorable Lord Giovanni Loredon
Honorable Lord Ffelix Æskilsson

Calontir Image Credits

The illustration of the Calon Lily badge was provided by Rory McGowen. Illustrations of other award badges were provided by Mikhail of Lubelska.

The striking falcon and calon cross images used in‘s layout header were created by Jennifer Langley (Sung Sai-êrh) for the Kingdom Web site. The falcon uses Olga’s pattern. Please do not use without permission.

Graphics of the arms of Calontir are courtesy of Baron Edward of Effingham. They were edited for the new layout by Jennifer Langley (Sung Sai-êrh).

The new transparent officer badges found throughout this site were made by Jennifer Langley (Sung Sai-êrh). They are free to download for non-profit use within the SCA. (112 files total)