Cross of Calatrava for Pride

Proposed Schedule Change to Kingdom Calendar

Good evening Calontir.

Word may have come that We are considering changing the schedule for Calontir’s Royal Events.  These are not baseless rumour, but true facts. Why make such a change, you ask?

The primary reason for this calendar change is to give Heirs the opportunity to attend foreign wars, specifically Gulf Wars and Pennsic.  The secondary reason is equity of Royal Events for Stile and Equestrian.  Royal Events allow the Kingdom to showcase these activities without conflict – just as King’s Companie of Archers does for Archery, and as Our Arts and Sciences are represented with Queen’s Prize Tournament, and with Kingdom Arts and Sciences. 

We have consulted with Our Reeve and Our Kingdom Seneschal, discussed the reasons for updating the calendar, and reviewed the proposed schedule. This schedule would fulfill both reasons, and would increase the number of Royal Events from 9 (current Kingdom Law) to 11.

We’ve shared the proposed schedule, as it would look for calendar year 2023, so that we can discuss the overall merits and flaws of the proposed schedule.  We welcome comments on this proposed schedule. Please feel free to comment within either the proposal document for commentary, or make a fresh tab to play with visualizing your suggestions within the 2023 calendar for commentary

We realize that many people will leap to the question of “How will we make the change to this new schedule, before 2023?” – that is a secondary discussion.  We would like to focus the conversation on the merits and flaws of the proposed schedule, year over year, having the example of 2023 as the talking point. We will return to the topic of getting to a new schedule, when the merits and flaws have been discussed sufficiently

Thank you very much for your thoughtful conversation

Queen Magdalena and King Hirsch

Peace. Love. Calontir.