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Queen’s Prize Entry and Judging forms now open

Greetings from your Arts and Science Master Scheduler
Entries for Queen's Prize are now open.  The window to enter runs from now until midnight on April 19th. 
In addition to our standard entries with face-to-face judging we are having a “Display Only” option for the Queen's Prize this year. You have a space to display your entry and any documentation you wish but will not have a judging session scheduled.  
Entrants who choose “Display Only” may choose to have a sponsor, but a sponsor is not required for the display.  Display entrants with a sponsor will receive a sponsor gift in court along with the standard entries; display entrants without a sponsor will not.  
Sponsors are still required for all traditional QPT entries.   
We are always in need of Judges!  There is no award requirement to be a judge, just some knowledge of the subject matter.  
Entry Submission Form – Traditional Queen's Prize Entry 
Display Only Form
Judges Volunteer Form 
We look forward to seeing all our wonderful entrants and judges at Queens Prize.
If you have any questions please reach out to the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences, HL Gianna Viviani, at or the Master Scheduler, HL Ysabel de la Oya, at 
Thank You
Ysabel de la Oya 
 Arts and Science Master Scheduler