Cross of Calatrava

Requesting Letters for Eyas and Saker Herald

Greetings good gentles!

The College of Heralds has two positions that need volunteers.  Caitilin inghean Ui Lochlainn’s term as Eyas Herald is nearing the end. My time as Saker Herald is winding down.  We are looking for volunteers that would be interested in serving the Kingdom and College in these two necessary and important positions.

Eyas Herald is our Internal Submissions Herald.  Saker Herald is the External Submissions Herald.  These two positions handle the work necessary to keep Calontir in good standing as a Kingdom.  These positions accept heraldic submissions, process payment, and publish monthly letters for consideration and registration.  These positions require an active membership, an internet connection, access to a scanner, some familiarity with the OSCAR system, and the ability to be warranted by the Exchequer.

Please send all Letters of Intent or inquiries to  Letters should include any information or skills relevant to the positions.  We are accepting letters for Eyas Herald until the end of July.  We are accepting letters for Saker Herald until the end of August.    

S-ciĆ o vostro,
Zaneta Baseggio.