Cross of Calatrava

Rules for the Kingdom of Calontir FB Group

The values of chivalry (courtousie, honestie, courage, loyalty, franchise, and generosity, to name a few) are tantamount to the values that we wish to see in our living room. In order for the Calontir Facebook Group, aka our online living room, to be inclusive to all Calontiri, and our friends new and old, we ask that all members abide by the following rules.

A1. Please be positive. We understand that it may not be easy to maintain positivity all the time, however, this is the equivalent of the Purple Pavilion, and to bring negativity in without offering a solution does not solve the problem. Complaining for the sake of complaining should best be reserved for one’s personal page.

A2. If you have a grievance against an individual, please work it out via private message or, even better, in person at an event. Disagreements will happen. Please be civil. Grievances against an officer or policy should be directed to the appropriate Great Officer’s email address, found on the kingdom website. Any grievances towards an office, event, or individual will be removed.

A3. Racism, misogyny, misandry, homophobia or any other hatred will not be tolerated. Treat others with kindness, patience, respect, and empathy. Do not respond to incivility with incivility of your own. Disagreement with one another is welcome, just stay respectful. Pay attention to your tone, as what you have to say is often far less important than how you choose to express it. If you cannot do any of these things, ignore the comment and walk away from the conversation.

A4. Be aware that not all rules in Calontir culture are codified in Kingdom Law and policy. Traditions are also very important, and should be taken into consideration. If you have a question about one or the other, please be respectful in your responses. Please be aware that for many, this group is the only view of Calontir that they may ever see. For those who have the stories and reasoning behind why Calontir does the things that Calontir does, please share them.

A5. Never attribute to malice what can be explained by ignorance. Never attribute to ignorance what can be explained by miscommunication. Assume everything is miscommunication. In that vein, jumping to conclusions also creates miscommunication.

A6. Be aware that blocking the admins to avoid the rules is severely frowned upon, and if known to be done maliciously can be cause for being removed from the group.

A7. Don’t make us make any more rules. Please respect the admin team. We are volunteers who love this kingdom just as much as you do. Besides the rules listed above, the admin team reserves the right to take action against users at their discretion.The admin team reserves the right to moderate content up to and including blocking violators.


B1. Content that involves modern politics or political subjects, particularly any activity that may be interpreted as endorsement of a particular political party, candidate for political office, legislation or referendum.

B2. Content that broadcasts false or misleading information, including content which is intended to disparage, intimidate or negatively impact the reputation of an individual, branch, event, or other group.

B3. Content that reveals information that is considered confidential to SCA, Inc. This includes, but is not limited to, financial information, and the content of internal proceedings that are not meant for public distribution.

B4. Content that distributes material under current copyright that has not otherwise been authorized for distribution with appropriate attribution. If you are unsure about anything, please ask, as we are here to help keep this group a kind, caring, supportive, and respectful place. We don’t want to be the biggest group at the cost of those values that the kingdom has so clearly tried to uphold.

To not bury the lede, in order to keep this group on track so we don’t lose useful and important posts (e.g. the safety of our citizens following storms) in the clutter, please take into account these considerations when you post.

Checklist of Considerations for Sharing Content

  • Is it true? Does this medieval info snippet you’re about to share come from a reputable source?
    Have you checked with the appropriate sources about the event or rule or law which is the subject of your post?
  • Is it kind and useful to everyone? Are you posting this with a specific gentle in mind? Perhaps consider a direct message, or posting to their wall instead? “Courtesy phone” shoutouts are acceptable, but first please take 5 minutes to try and hunt up the name for which you’re searching.
    Could this potentially worry newcomers to the Group or Kingdom? Does it misrepresent Calontir or the SCA? i.e. dented helms from non-SCA combat, Dagorhir pictures…
  • Is it necessary? Is it specific to Calontir? Would it be better suited to SCA Humor? SCA Memes?
    (Both SCA Humor or SCA Memes are unofficial outlets and not endorsed by any SCA entity.)
    Is it an Image Macro/meme/funny picture? See above.
  • Does it follow all the rules of the Group in which you’re posting? Remember most groups do not allow posting about modern politics, modern religion, selling of modern items with no SCA use, etc.

Social Media Officers and Admin Roles

Finally, thank you all for making tenure so far mainly uneventful. As a group you are far and away the most wonderful internet denizens I have ever encountered.

Yours in Service to Calontir, The Admin Team

Faustus Cantilius Lupus – Kingdom Social Media Officer
Gawin Kappler – Kingdom Webminister
Giovanni Loredan
Alexandra (Shandra) Vazquez de Granada
Konstantinos Kaloethina.
Ren Jie
Nadya Helming
Agnes von Heidelberg
Catalina de Arazuri