Cross of Calatrava

War of the Phoenix sign-up

Warm greetings to the People of the Heartland!
In days long past, the warriors of Calontir counted the days between the longest night of the year and the moment we travelled together to the burning sands of Estrella, for it was the thought of the warm sun on our faces and the anticipation of epic battles such as our stand at Phaedra’s Gate or the unruly Charge of the Peasant Rabble that carried us through the cold winter.
Those days are now but stories.  But new stories are waiting to be written.  Stories that we will write together.
Their Highnesses will be accompanying Us to War of the Phoenix, which is rising as a worthy successor to Estrella.  Will you join Us to stand beside Our eternal friends, the Outlands?
If you are traveling to Phoenix, please let us know by adding your name to the sign-up here:

This will help us pool resources, arrange transportation, and plan.
~David and Rhianwen~