Cross of Calatrava

April Crown Tournament List

It is with great pleasure that We announce the list of combatants for Our upcoming Crown Tournament.

Sir Duncan Bruce of Logan goði for Mistress Ylva Jönsdottir jarless
Sir Avraham ben David Hakhuzari for Mistress Jorunn Eydisardottir
Sir Duncan Mac Torquill for Her Ladyship Maria Arosa de Santa Olalla
Sir Gavin O’Shannon for Honorable Lady Elizabet Walker of Paislay
Master Jurgen Weiter von Landstuhl for Mistress Helena Soranzo
Lord Garsiyya al-Andalusi for Honorable Lady Ysabel de la Oya
Honorable Lord Orren Tokesson for Lady Lyra of Spinning Winds

We look forward to this glorious day
King Hirsch and Queen Magdalena

Peace. Love. Calontir.