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CalonCon Seneschal’s Meeting

Greetings - here are the details for the seneschal's meeting on June 29: 

Topic: Calontir Seneschals Meeting Time: Jun 29, 2024 11:00AM - 1:00pm Central Time (US and Canada)

I don't expect we have enough to talk about to fill the whole time. Join Zoom Meeting link You shouldn't need these - but just in case:
Meeting ID: 863 3323 5042 Passcode: 149019
New Emergency Deputy/Kingdom Seneschal Elect
The necessity of a finance committee and following those rules.
Staying in your lane - not trying to do the other officers' jobs.
Escalating issues through the proper channels
Using the or group provided email addresses - Yes you really need to

If there is anything you want to ask or want more information about send me an email -