Cross of Calatrava for Pride

Heralds at CalonCon

Greetings all!

Our CalonCon meeting is from 2pm to no later than 5pm. I hope to be done sooner, but that's how long I made the Zoom meeting.
It shouldn't ask, but just in case:
Meeting ID: 879 4402 5348
Passcode: 477957
Here's my anticipated agenda:

1. Heraldry is cool!
2. My focus is on recruitment and enthusiasm, because while our heralds are great, we need more.
3. As part of recruitment, we need a better path to Red Hawk, Eyas, Saker, and other mare advanced titles, so we need to improve training.
4. Shoshanah is new Habicht. Please give her whatever help you can.
5. I propose to reactivate the Kite, Sparrow Hawk, and Harrier herald titles for newer heralds to get experience. Exact roles up to the Gold Falcon based upon anticipated need to replace folks.
6. Ask heralds in offices to actively seek for and train a replacement/deputy. These recruits may help fill above reactivated heraldic titles.
7. Dyrfinna would like to talk about how paying for submissions has changed.
8. Preventing Burnout.
9. Heralds retreat. Thoughts of when and where.
10. Where do we want to see the College of Heralds go?
11. Next Gold Falcon and other anticipated job openings.
Thanks everyone!