Cross of Calatrava for Pride

Crown Tournament and Coronation

As we begin to return to some semblance of normalcy We towards our duty to secure heirs who would see to our Kingdom’s future. Please weigh this responsibility carefully. Serving the kingdom in this position can be both great work and great joy. We call all members of our populace wishing to do so to consider submitting a letter of intent to fight for this honor. We hope to have a large list — it can only benefit the Kingdom to have it so. To minimize disruption to the calendar and ensure that our heirs have sufficient time to prepare for their own reign, we will be maintaining the dates for both Crown (10/9/21) and Coronation (1/8/22) as they currently stand. By Calon Law, Article IV, Letters of intent proving you meet the laws requirements as a prospective combatant or consort, described therein, are due no later than Saturday, September 25th 2021.By Crown Edict, Those letters of intent will contain a brief statement of why you wish to compete for the throne. Lastly, this tournament will be fought in the best two of three format every round.

– Their Majesties Lucien and Tamar