Cross of Calatrava for Pride

On the Return to Combat Activities

The below are some touch points and action items I would like you all to take note of and do as we begin fighting again.

  1. Masks MUST be worn at ALL TIMES. This is from Society. We have NO Wiggle Room on this. It may be an inconvenience, but if the fighter can’t get a mask on inside the helm, then they can’t fight. Masks over the grill, or a close face helmet are NOT sufficient. I will be working on some “work throughs” for masks in helmets. I have a number of different helmets and few different styles of “masks”. I plan on trying different combinations and then push out some examples of what works and what doesn’t. If you have a set up that works well, please let me know. The Mask requirement is going to be an inconvenience and we are bound to have some push back and some that will try to skirt the rules. Please do your best to bring those people into the fold and play by the Society Determined restrictions. TRMs have made it clear that the masks mandate are an all or nothing restriction.
  2. All fighting must be Outside, and social distancing should be maintained by all those that are not actively fighting.
  3. CALIBRATION: It would be a good idea to work with your local fighters in the beginning to recalibrate their fights. Calibration testing on each fighter would be a decent idea. We are all rusty and we want to try and mitigate any over compensating for power.
  4. PLEASE go back and re-read the Calontir Handbooks and Society Fighters Handbooks for comprehension. The Society handbook has been updated with some new information. We NEED to be up on this new info. so that we can field any questions that will soon come up. NOTE: Steel Marshals, there is a new Society Rapier Handbook. So, PLEASE go read it all so that you are up on the new rule changes.
  5. Inspect ALL Armor and Weapons Thoroughly. Most all of our weapons and gear have spent over a year in storage and has not been maintained. Help our fighters be safe and in the beginning of this new fighting time, take extra care when inspecting.
  6. Try and maintain social distance when you can. Examples: Have people pile their weapons up away from the group and you go over and inspect them. Have people place their helmets away from the group and you go and inspect those. When inspecting, if a visual inspection will work, please do so from 6ft. away. When needing to do the helmet nose push test, use a sword or spear to push on the helmet if you can.
  7. Be VERY mindful of people while they fight. Actively watch for people’s physical condition and ask questions of fighters if they look like they are not doing well.
  8. Fighter Cards: The Moratorium on fighter cards will go for 6 months after May 15th. So, on November 15th, any fighter that has not fought twice (2 events, or 2 practices, or 1 of each) will be put on In-active status. Drills/slow work doesn’t count toward this. The fighter needs to be in kit and actively fighting so that they are safe. I am asking all the local Knight’s Marshals to watch their local fighters and maintain a list. At the 6 month mark I will be asking for those lists to help determine the active/in-active statuses.
  9. NEW Authorizations: At this time I am placing short term prohibition on new authorizations. I would like us to get back into the “swing” of fighting again before we immediately jump into authorizing with new systems. NOTE: IF you have a special case then please contact me and we can discuss a work around.
  10. WARRANTS: All Warranted marshals should be been turning in reports quarterly, so all our warranted marshals should still be warranted. IF you have not been turning in reports, your warrant has lapsed and you will need to start reporting again to get it back.

Thank you all for your previous work and your upcoming work through this transition time. If you have any issues with fighters or difficulties please contact me so that we find a solution. This is a big step for our Kingdom and we need to show everyone that we can be safe and still have fun.