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Queen’s Prize bids needed!


While many of us are currently focused on Kingdom Arts & Sciences it's also a great time to think about Queen's Prize Tournament. While many of us would love to know the when and where of the event we can't know until we receive an approved bid. This also means that the event cannot be added to the Kingdom calendar until we have an approved bid. Queen's Prize is a great event for smaller groups because the main responsibilities for the host group is people to staff gate and possibly an inn.
Bid guidelines and submission link can be found here: You're also welcome to ask me any questions. Please submit bids to the Reeve before Kris Kinder on December 9th. The only requirement for the event date is that it is between March 30 and July 6th. Grazie!
In servizio, 
Gianna Viviani
Calontir Minister of Arts and Sciences