Cross of Calatrava for Pride

Crown Letters

Although We have ascended the thrones what seems like mere moments ago, one of Our first duties as Crown is to secure Calontir’s line.  To that end, Our Crown Tournament will be held on December 2nd in the Barony of Coeur D’Ennui.  Should you wish to participate, please submit a letter of intent to Us and Our Senseschale no later than Sunday, November 19.  Your letter must contain the following for both Combatant and Consort:

·        Name and contact information

·        Copy of your identification to verify age and residency

·        Copy of your valid SCA membership card

·        A statement of the reasons you wish to be Crown and goals should you ascend

·        A listing of SCA events you have attended in the last 12 months

Please also review Kingdom Law and Corpora to ensure you meet the requirements for participation.  If you have any questions regarding your qualification, please reach out to Our Seneschale promptly.

Crown Tournament will be fought in bouts of two-out-of-three unless the list becomes so large that this would make the tournament excessively long.  The Crown will make the final decision regarding bouts the day of the tournament.  No weapons restrictions will be imposed.

We thank all of you for your kindness and support of Our beautiful Heartland.  We look forward to seeing you again soon!

David, Cyning                    Rhianwen, Cyninge