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Royal University of Scir-Hafoc

Virtual Classes

The Royal University of Scir Hafoc (RUSH) is dedicated to advancing education and inclusion in the Kingdom of Calontir, SCA Inc. If you enjoy learning, we’re here for you with online and in-person classes!
● RUSH is modeled on a University system.
● Take classes in the subjects you are interested in.
● Fill out the attendance form at the classes.
● Earn different types of recognition.
● Learn more about the recognition system (see below)
● For more information here is the RUSH Handbook.
(Recognitions presented by the Royal University of Scir Hafoc are not awards of the Society for Creative Anachronism or any of its branches and do not convey SCA precedence.)

Badge of the Royal University of Scirhafoc
The badge of RUSH, registered in March 1985

Questions or suggestions? Feel free to Contact us!
Every class is a RUSH class!
If your event has classes, they are eligible for RUSH credit. If your Barony or Shire hosts an
Arts & Science class, it’s eligible for RUSH credit. If you take classes from another Kingdom,
you can get RUSH credit.


RUSH participants can earn certificates for completing coursework in our 3 main categories: Utility (SCA culture classes), Knowledge (medieval studies), and Arts (physical creation/works with mediums) 

War Certificate is designed to be earned within the span of a war, at events such as War of the Lilies, or Gulf Wars, or Pennsic. To earn this certificate students must complete 15 classes. The classes cannot stack across Wars.

Auditor Artis is the base level degree. To earn this degree students must take 30 classes which span at least 3 different types. The class types are History Class, Hands-On, SCA Activities, SCA Culture, and Individual Project.
Lector Artis is the advanced degree. To earn this degree students must first complete the Auditor Artis degree then complete an additional 20 classes.


Mistress Giraude Benet

Mistress Esther bat Moshe

Lady Isabella “Izzy” DeJerdley

Online Class Deputy

Berakha bat Mira v'Shlomo