Cross of Calatrava

Additional Crown Tournament Information

We have come to realize that some details about Our Crown Tournament are not widely known, and We think it is important for all those attending the tournament to know them.

  • There is a tradition in Calontir that a fighter must be able to span their shield. This means they must be able to grip the edge and have the longest dimension of the shield in their armpit.
  • Weapon systems other than sword and shield are encouraged, but not required.
  • The tournament will be fought best 2 out of 3 in EVERY ROUND, unless the size of the list would make that impractical. This will be known and announced once the list of combattants is finalized after Toys for Tots.
  • The tournament will be fought outside, weather¬†permitting.
  • The space immediately around the list field (indoors or out) will be reserved for combattants and their consorts. Please respect this space.
  • Pageantry¬†is highly encouraged, by contestants and the general populace alike. Please bring your banners and finest day-camping furniture to add to the atmosphere.
We look forward to a wonderful turnout and exciting tournament. We know you will not disappoint us.