Cross of Calatrava for Pride

War of the Phoenix

Good people of Calontir, We have decided to support Our Cousins in Atenveldt in their efforts to restart a winter war in Their sunny lands. To that end, We have registered to attend the War of the Phoenix. We would like to get some idea of how many of you are willing and able to join us.

This is NOT a muster, just an attempt to determine how many of us might attend.
If enough people indicate they are going, then We may put out a call to find someone who could take the kingdom trailer. Then we would have the purple pavilion available. But that will not be necessary if we are a few, but happy few going.
Please consider attending this new war if you have the time and means. Remember, there were only a handful of Calontiri at the earliest Estrella and Gulf Wars, and it was their tales of the wonderful times that got the rest of us to come along. Why not get in at the beginning?