Cross of Calatrava

Seeking Volunteers for Kingdom Silent Herald

Greetings good gentles!
Are you passionate about keeping the lines of communication open?  Do you want to make our events accessible to Newcomers and existing members with hearing issues?  Here's an opportunity for you!  We are looking for someone to step up as the next Kingdom Silent Herald.
You don't need to be a certified interpreter or someone with a lot of signing experience, you just need to promote communication and accessibility through the use of Sign/Silent Heralds throughout the Kingdom.  You will need to be able to coordinate with the Kingdom Principal Herald to find Silent Heralds that can sign for Court(s) at Events.
Again, you do not have to be an expert interpreter or have tons of experience.  We are looking for someone to promote and coordinate silent heraldry.
If interested, please send a Letter of Intent to by December 2nd. 
S-ciào vostro,
Zaneta Gold Falcon