Cross of Calatrava

Crown Tournament List

This is the list of combattants and their consorts for Our Crown Tournament. This is a wonderful group of people willing and able to serve and lead Calontir. Our thanks to all of them for taking this on.

— TRM Logan & Ylva —

Count Agamemnon Platylithodae fighting for Mistress Marie le Faivre
Honorable Lord Jon Chessy fighting for Count Yseult de Michel
Honorable Lord Melchor Eichman fighting for Sir Rhianwen ferch Bran ap Gruffydd
Sir Colin James MacLachlan fighting for Mistress Elianor de Morland
Lord Caleb Talbot fighting for Mistress Halimah Bint Abbas Al Tanji
Sir Duncan mac Torquill fighting for Honorable Lady Maria Arosa de Santa Olalla
Lord Christopher Atrox fighting for Mistress Miranda Logansdottir
Honorable Lord Erik Tokesson fighting for Mistress Eoswyth þe Siðend
Master Jürgen Weiter von Landstuhl fighting for Mistress Helena Soranzo
Lord Gianlupo delle Bande Nere fighting for Mistress Giraude Benet
Lord Emerick Blackpool fighting for Mistress Anne Renarde
Sir Gaius Flavius Auxilius fighting for Mistress Alessandra de Piro
Sir Seamus Yanger fighting for Honorable Lady Mægwynn Attewode
Sir Ívarr fótviss fighting for Lady Solveg Melrakki
Honorable Lord Ronan MacKay fighting for Honorable Lady Brangwyn Steward
Honorable Lord Kjarr Mac Cuhal fighting for Lady Nghuala Ingen Ui Fallamhain
Lord Garsiyya al-Andalusi fighting for Honorable Lady Ysabel de la Oya
Lord Cian mac Lorccan ua Conaill fighting for Honorable Lady Vashti al-Ashariyah
Honorable Lord Orren Tokesson fighting for Lady Lyra of Spinning Winds
Honorable Lord Nathaniel Lennox fighting for Honorable Lady Agnes von Heidelberg
Lord Lawrence of Grimfells fighting for Lady Aoife Ingean UI Tormaigh
** The order is based on the highest award granted to either the combattant or their consort.