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Youth Combat

Yseult de Michel (He/They)
Youth Combat Marshal

Warranted Marshals

Courtesy, Honor, Service

The SCA’s Youth Combat program gives children from ages 6 through 17 the opportunity to participate in a kid-friendly version of adult armored and rapier combat. The program emphasizes courtesy, honor, and service as well as skill and safety. Boys and girls participate together, divided into three age brackets, Division 1: ages 6-9, Division 2: ages 10-13, and Division 3: ages 14-17.

At SCA events, youth fighters participate in a variety of tournaments and melees, ranging from one-on-one bouts to “Warlord” tourneys where youth fighters lead teams in melee battles. There are even tournaments to determine Youth Martial Champions, who serve as honor guards for their Baron and Baroness, Prince and Princess, or King and Queen.

Handbooks & Forms

Calontir Youth Combat Handbook

Society Youth Combat Page

SCA Youth Combat Handbook

Parents Consent for SCA Combat

Combined Minor’s Combat Activity Waiver and Medical Authorization Waiver (needs notarization)


Building a Rattan Weapon for SCA Youth Combat

Division 1 Pool Noodle Weapons

Basic Sword Construction for Divisions I – III

Creating Weapons for SCA Youth Combat

Making a Plastic Shield


Basic Youth Combat Armor

SCA Youth Combat Hockey Helmet Buying Guide

Instructions for Building “Jack Armor”

Making a Gorget

Making a Gambeson