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CALON Development Volunteers Wanted

Greetings Calontir,

Over the past three and a half years, we have been hard at work developing the Calontir Online (CALON) system, which is a WordPress plugin that manages Calontir’s order of precedence, online armorial, authorizations and marshal warrants, marshal reporting, and officer records. This system has helped to streamline maintenance of some of the more than 1 million pieces of data that Calontir’s Webministry maintains. 

We are seeking additional volunteers to help us push forward on our future goals for CALON including systems for event and activity submissions, the kingdom calendar, release forms, improved media integration, inventory management, officer reporting, and more. 

Desired Skills: 

Ideal candidates would be familiar with computer programming, version control, databases, and RESTful API principles.

CALON development includes programming in PHP, Javascript, MySQL, HTML, and CSS. Volunteers do not need to have experience with these languages – this is a great opportunity to learn.

If you are interested in volunteering, please send an email to the Webministry at


The CALON Development Team Gawin Kappler & Ffelix Æskelsson