Cross of Calatrava for Pride

Letters of Intent for martial deputies

Greetings unto the populous!
I will be stepping up as the new Kingdom Earl Marshal, and, as is common practice I will be taking Letters of Intent for a multitude of Deputy positions within the office. If you currently hold one of the listed positions and wish to keep it, please put in a Letter for said position. This will help me know who is ready for replacement and who would like to continue to serve in their office. There are several Deputy positions available with varying levels of responsibility, so please feel free to put in letters if you are interested. Letters will be open from today until 26 February, at which point interviews will be conducted. Letters should be sent to

The positions:
Kingdom Cut and Thrust Marshal
Deputy for Equestrian Activities
Kingdom Armored Combat Marshal *New*
Kingdom Archer General
Minister of the Lists
Card Marshal Deputy
Youth Combat Marshal Deputy
Deputy for Experiments *New*
Deputy Kingdom Earl Marshal
Deputy for Combat Archery
Armored Combat Regional Deputies
-Central, East, Northwest, Northeast, West, and South
Cut and Thrust Youth Rapier Deputy
Cut and Thrust Marshals in Training Deputy
Cut and Thrust Deputy of Authorisations

If you have any questions please feel free to email or message!
Thank you in advance for letters! I look forward to them.

Meister Jurgen Weiter Von Landstuhl