Cross of Calatrava

Crown list

Calontir!  Harken well, for before you lies the names of the next of Our lineage!  Of the list below, one pair will emerge as Our Heirs.

Tristram of Lindisfarne, for Gwyneth Felton
Gwyneth Felton, for Tristram of Lindisfarne
Robert Magnus, for Maggee Magnus
Colin James Maclachlan, for Elianor de Morland
Duncan MacTorquil, for Maria Arosa de Santa Olalla
Christopher Atrox, for Miranda Logansdottir
Elias de Jaye, for Adalyde Heloyz la Cantora
Emerick Blackpool, for Kolfinna Halvgrimrsdottir
Kjarr Hroereksson, for Nghuala Ingen Ui Fallamhain
Garsiyya al-Andalusi, for Ysabel de la Oya
Visvamitra Vimala Yavana, for Korinna the Scythian
Jon Chesey, for Berakha bat Mira v’Shlomo
Melchor Eichmann, for Luna di Caterino Tofani
Øyríkr Radúlfsson, for Lady Alicia Niel
Brynjolfr Falkason, for Aia Gold-Bearer (Eyfridr)
Charles Von Bayrreuth, for Robyn von Bayrreuth

Please join us at Our Crown Tournament to witness the honor and deeds that will reveal Our successors.
~David, Cyning~     ~Rhianwen, Cyninge~