Cross of Calatrava

Upcoming Order Meetings

We plan to meet with the following orders at the events listed below. Please make every attempt to attend with potential candidates for inclusion.

Toys for Tots:
  • Iren Hirth
  • Stile Hirth
  • Masters of Defense

Crown Tournament:

  • Chivalry

Kris Kinder:

  • Laurel
  • Pelican

Winter War Maneuvers:

  • Stile Fyrd
  • Stile Hirth
  • Iren Fyrd
  • Iren Hirth

This list is NOT comprehensive, as additional meetings may be added after Our Heirs are known.

As we informed all the Fyrd orders at Coronation, they are encouraged to meet on their own and present candidates to Us through the online award recommendation system. If enough candidates are brought up, a meeting may be called.