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(Update) Calontir COVID Guidelines for Event Attendance…

Good morning Calontir!
After extensive review of currently available data, and in consultation with Their Majesties, it has been decided to adjust Calontir’s COVID Guidelines for event attendance. If you have any questions regarding the guidelines please contact me at The new guidelines are as follows…
Current Rules for Calontir Event Attendance (effective June 13, 2022)
1. COVIDSafe – The COVIDSafe policy is separate from these guidelines, and will remain in place until the criteria for suspension have been satisfied. More information on the COVIDSafe policy can be found at
2. Masks
     A. Masks are not required outdoors.
     B. While indoor masking is generally encouraged, those individuals who meet the CDC definition of “Fully Vaccinated” may choose not to wear a mask indoors.
     C. All those who do not meet the CDC definition of “Fully Vaccinated” must wear masks covering the nose and mouth while indoors, save those under 24 months of age.
3. Food
     A. There are no restrictions on food at this time.
4. Drink
     A. The only restriction at this time is the current Society prohibition on the use of shared drinking vessels for water bearing.
Requests from the Crown:
1. If you are medically able to get the COVID Vaccine, please do so. If you are due for a booster, please get one.
2. Please do not attend gatherings if you are not feeling well. If someone in your household is Covid positive, or symptomatic, please stay home.
3. Please respect the comfort levels of those who wish to follow more stringent masking and distancing practices than are strictly required.
4. The SCA is an organization of chivalry and community. Please remember these values and help us all set a good example for the rest of the Known World.

In all things kindness, peace, and love.

In Service,