Cross of Calatrava for Pride

Covid Guidelines

Calontir, We know that the current rules for events and gatherings are changing frequently, so wanted to provide some clarity with where our current Kingdom rules differ from the BoD minimum requirements.This list will also be uploaded as a PDF to the files section if you would like to have a copy available at events […]

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Crown Tournament

Ave Calontirii Some brief announcements that may not yet have come to your ears.  Please feel free to forward far and wide.Our Crown Tournament will be held on October 9th in the Barony of Mag Mor.Unfortunately, this will conflict with this year’s Fall Gulf Wars XXX, so We will not be calling a muster for […]

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New Kingdom Reeve Needed

Greetings Calontir, We have decided to give an extension for letters of intent for the Kingdom Reeve position to August 20th. If you are interested or have any questions before sending in a letter, please do not hesitate to ask. All letters of intent should be sent to and It is a great honor to serve […]

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