Cross of Calatrava

Official Announcement Email List

Greetings Calontir,

I'd like to take this opportunity to remind the kingdom that we have created an email list for official announcements. Ultimately we would like to make it easier for our members to get information from a single, central source without relying on social media (This list is also the source for the Announcements section of the Kingdom Webpage). If you have not already joined this list, please take this opportunity to do so. Likewise, one of the biggest difficulties in creating better lines of communication is that we don't have good ways of sharing that information with the people we were already having difficulty communicating with, so please also be sure to tell your friends and local group members about this list.

You can join this list here:

Please note that this will require a Google account – but this account can be created with non-Google email addresses (e.g. Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.). You will simply need to register that account with Google. This is intended to prevent malicious actors from signing up other people for spam.

Calontir Webminister